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Evil triumphs when
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Is Your Family Next?

Many of you are already familiar with, to put it mildly, the antics of David J. Stewart, internet "evangelist" of Jesus-Is-Saviour.Com. For those of you who aren't, take a look: Site. But don't let the name fool you. Arguably the biggest, bizarrest, and most zealous network of Doomsday and Black Helicopter type conspiracy sites on the web, it executes judgements on everything you can imagine-all in Jesus' Name-but never in Love. Fronted by the elusive David J. Stewart, it is unclear whether the massive site (which he claims equals terabytes, with all pages put together) is just one person, or many, or if this is even his real name. Whomever is lurking behind this cancerous growth on the internet, is obviously a zealos disciple of the infamous Dr. Jack Hyles (9/25/26 � 2/6/01), former leader of Hyles/Anderson College near Hammond, Indiana. From my studies i have come to realize that Stewart is nothing but a Pharisee of Heresy. But don't think i was immune either! Like many Christians exploring the web for the first time, i wanted to read insightful commentary into relevant Christian subjects. This lead me to some pages that seemed sound and convincing, but at the time, i didn't know they were affiliated with Stewart. The pages were not on his main site but connected with Dial The Truth ministries, another tumor, and telephone ministry with recorded messages that was started in Pinson, Alabama (Jefferson County) in 1990. As i explored more i of course came across that horrid main page, and the more i read, and prayed to God for understanding, i realized this was nothing but a madman leading an internet cult. While it's not clear whether Stewart started Dial The Truth Ministries, or if he's in Alabama or Indiana or where, but he's definitely connected with DTT writings, going under at least 3 different aliases, on the sites, collectively. Disgusted that i had even wasted my time reading his pages, i felt like chewing him out in an email for spreading such heretical doctrine-but i didn't-because i wasn't sure if he was on the other end to receive it-technologically or mentally.

But wasted time can be recycled. While there is underlying truth in his writing such as "Jesus Is Savior", the man himself is no man of God, mixing idolatry and humanism with sensationalism, shock value, shame, ridicule, bitterness and hate, and above all, self-righteousness.

Some have even suggested, and rightly so, that it is a joke site, much like Landover Baptist, but sadly enough, after reading the bio on Jack Hyles and seeing the indelible stain he left on himself and others thru his crazy cult, i'm afraid it isn't.

That's why i started this parody page, a place where you can "Stand Against Stewart" too! Show your support! It's free, fun, simple, and relatively anonymous!

Christian or Non-Christian alike, if you agree, thru your own study and conviction, that David J. Stewart is a Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, regardless of how much truth or lack of truth is in his articles, then all you have to do is email me your name, and i will post it on this page! Stewart has been deceiving, amusing, and infuriating the masses for roughly 10 years, all backed by the indoctrination of Hyles/Anderson college, which no doubt helped push him towards his insanity. So why don't we give him an anniversary present?

Let's see how many names we can get, and build a wall of protest, and help to educate others together on the deceptions of David. J!

And, just for being such good sports, i'll award a cool star by each of your names, in honor of the outer space backgrounds so redundant on sites like these!

****PLEASE NOTE:*****

Due to personal issues, i will no longer be accepting submissions for "I Stand Against Stewart." Thank you to all for your submissions. I know your work will be blessed by God!

-Holly-, Administrator,

Sunday Morning Sell Out,

The Place Where You Can Perverse, In Reverse!

Sunday Morning Sell Out

Just the facts, Ma'am:

It's a big world out there on the internet, so play it safe. Just title your email "I Stand Against Stewart!" and sign your name inside! You can send me any variation of your name you want such as full, first only, last only, initials, nick, or just "John or Jane Doe" or even Anonymous. You may wish to send your city and state or country/continent such as "Jane Doe, Anytown, Anystate" or "John Doe", South America. You can also choose to send the date with your signature (John Doe, 0/0/00), but you don't have to. As always, your privacy will be strictly protected, by sending your name, you agree to have it posted on this one public page only.

This should be alot of fun! I'll sign the wall first as an example.

A note as of February 5th, 2011:

As you can see, our Stewart project has been quite a success! I want to thank each and every one of you who has contributed and will contribute in the future. This site had grown since its inception and i am still close by to post you emails. As you can see below, we have contributors from many different persuasions. That being said, and with this being a Christian site i do not necessarily agree with every belief and viewpoint expressed herein. Some people do not agree with my purpose for this site, but that's ok, i will still post their emails, even if they are not in my favor. I want to assure you that my visitors will NOT be silenced. What a glorious privilege it is to have the gift of freewill of belief before an infinitely loving God and to have a VOICE in the concerns of your heart. We will never "silence the Lambs" so to speak, in the Christian world, and we will never silence the Non~Christian world either. Unlike open forums, where a person can be unduly silenced or harassed, or even have their posts disappear or be deleted, every visitor has the chance for "fair and equal" exposure.

No, silence isn't always golden.

Who Stands Against Stewart? We Do!

Defeating the Doctrines of David J.
One Name at a Time!

David J. has made many ridiculous and exaggerated claims over time, and while i'm sure i'm not aware of them all, nor do i want to be, i'll nominate this one for the blue ribbon.

His bitter hate towards country music and its singers is a point of contention with many people, me included, and this one is pure gold: He claims that Reba McEntire started a wave of feminism with her 1995 cover of the Linda Ronstadt-made-famous song "You're No Good." Newsflash to David. The song, which was actually written by a man, the late Clint Ballard, Jr, was already 32 years old at that point, covered by Ronstadt in 1975, and originally in 1963 by Dee Dee Warwick and Betty Everett, respectively. Other artists and groups, both male and female, have covered it as well. If Stewart had even listened to the lyrics (and apparently he hadn't) he would have realized that the song was not only speaking from a female point of view, but a male, with Reba saying about her PREVIOUS man: Broke a heart/that was gentle and true/Oh i left a man/Over someone like you /I'd beg his forgiveness/On bended knee/But i wouldn't blame him, if he said to me, "You're no good, you're no good, baby you're no good." The female narrator expresses her regret over having dumped a decent man for the present loser, explicitly taking the blame for her foolish mistake, and not blaming her former man if he considers her to be "no good." The Reba version, while it receives airplay to this day, was never officially released as a single, and the album from which it came, "Starting Over" was a tribute album of some of Reba's early influences, both male and female.

So a 32 year old male-penned song from a non-single release sparked a one-woman wave of feminism? Now i've seen it all.


Whether he is exaggerating and mixing half truths on purpose is unclear, but, like some kids (and even adults), he seems to take everything super-literally and has a hard time picking up on irony and other subtleties, thus he finds no humor or breathing room in anything, everything of course just spells immediate DOOM.

Here's another example~there's a song i like by Lorrie Morgan called "Except for Monday." It was written in an extremely ironic fashion, in which the female narrator states that she is doing ok and busying herself, 7 days a week, without her man. Of course, the tone of the song tells us she is FAR from alright, and would jump at the chance to take him back at any second. While Stewart hasn't bashed Lorrie (yet), this is the kind of point he misses, and would probably blast this as another feminist outcry.

We can finally put names to faces! I finally found a picture of this guy after all these years. And it's recent too, taken just last November, 2008. Click Here A picture is worth a thousand words. And i was immediately struck at how there is no light in his eyes, and also how empty he looks. In fact, studying the picture, and even inverting the colors, i can tell he is one of the darkest non-believers out there! I've been making it a habit to observe people's eyes for a long time, and while my judgment isn't flawless, i've become pretty good at spotting the Christian imbued with the light of the Holy Spirit from "those who are without." Just trust me on that one. Also, assuming he might be taking his Percocet or hydrocodone he mentioned for his chronic pain, the diffraction of light is enhanced in the eyes with opioids, but alas, he's still darkened. Not only is he in a darkened state but so is his mom, in the picture below it, whom he claims has already gone on to heaven. Bone chilling. My blood runs cold just looking at them. Especially seeing his face, my heart breaks for somebody so lost.

And, if you think the idea of eye observation sounds kooky, i actually got the idea from the non-Christian world, most, if not all, who are able to recognize Christians with lightning speed. I wondered how they could do it, and wanted the same skill, so i started paying close attention to the light in the eye. If they could recognize the Holy Spirit in/and or around me or someone else, could i be just as skillful at spotting darkness thru physical means alone? I observed people carefully, or course taking non-physical things into account too, and I got faster and faster and faster, to the point of being able to recognize where some people stood instantly.

One more closing thought in all this. Stewart can talk about Jesus, salvation, heaven and hell all day long, but that's not convincing enough for me. Let me ask you this, in all his writings, where is the love? Where is the beauty? Unless it's sarcasm, where is the humor? Where is his peace? Even in an ugly and sin-filled world, at the end of the day, where is his ability to sit back and admire a flower, happy, secure, content, UNMOVABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNSHAKABLE, in the eternal peace that is in Jesus Christ? Where is his ability, even with a world full of sinful man, to see people who are made in the image of God and for his glory, fashioned from God's infinite wisdom, in mind and body, has he forgotten the non-Christian world, which he claims to preach to, are human? We are all born sinful, David. Do you think Jesus's early disciples would have gotten the gospel thru to people with a hideous site like that? Probably not! Did they speak firmly? At times. Did they rebuke? Sure. But they showed LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13:2 says: though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing." Where is the love?

Sunday Morning
Sell Out, USA




Derek 10/23/09 Tom Craven, 11/9/09
A Special Message from Albert Johansen: "God, help me reach my brother without offending him. Let him see my concern for him as well as his nemesis... The time is so short.

My message...

You're right. Let it go.

How much time have you taken away from reaching the lost by fighting. Isn't it God who saves? Then let God direct the souls to him.

Be a beacon of light and truth.

Let Go. Let GOD.


Albert Johansen
Joan Farouqi A Special Message from Craig:

Holly Hi.First let me say that I have a couple thoughts that I disagree with DJS.One is that he believes once saved,you can do anything and still are saved.I don't.Another that while a great deal of his site I do believe,some of it he just seems to be reaching at things to find fault with just about everyone and thing and it makes the world very bleak if it is true. However,I am not signing against him.From what I read on your mock site,you do the same things and more that you accuse him of.I thnk that is wrong and while you may not agree,I think that he has a lot of solid Bible based scripture on there.We should pray for him.You are welcome to include my e-mail to you,just please use the whole thing and not part.GOD Bless craig
I AM ALSO STANAD AGAINST DAVID (WOLF), But he also repent in jesus christ pl pray for him...


Moses Sivakumar India
Laura-Jean Flanagan- I tried to e-mail "david" also today, but I see he has no way of contacting him on his contact page. Citing that he has no time to read his emails due to a neck injury? Although he has time to harrass the internet with his horrible hate filled page. Well if the neck injury is true, that's Gods wrath for ya buddy. He also goes on to say that he is taking 80 mg oxycontin for the pain... Well david if you were a "real" christian like you say you are, apparently your going to hell too for using drugs. And the thing that really irked me is on his rant about goths page. Apparently goths were responible for 9-11!?!? I could have died when I read that. David, if your reading this, or whoever you are... You sir are a horrible person.


He said led Zeppelin was satanic... Major bullshit... He can believe what he wants but obviously there's something else he hates about them... Otherwise he wouldn't have gone thru all this research just to criticize them

SeanJohn Keena M

DJS is a leader of an occult and will lead weak people who believes any of his bs to the anti christ. If he was so religious, he wouldn't worry about "exposing" anyone because a person can only get their own individual blessings and deliverance. People like him will be easily picked off by the anti christ at the end of time.
Rowena Gouws, from Durban, South Africa. Delusion is bliss, until the bubble bursts.
Im not a Christan but David J Stewart is not either he is nothing but man using religion to mask his hate.

Zach Carter
Alex Alder

This man is a black stain on the Christian name. I'm not Christian, but I respect the religion. This man does not. If he did, he would not be teaching such lies to the people.

Catherine Henry

Not only was I disgusted by the absence of Christian love. . .I was revolted by the vast ignorance this man has. I will say it now - unafraid and proud- I am a ROMAN CATHOLIC! And I doubt David J. Stewart has ever met -much less studied- a Roman Catholic in his LIFE. Everything, and I mean everything, he says about us is a lie. For instance, his little brigade about how Catholics pray to the Saints is a vast evil. . .Oh, the irony. . .To think the Saints are actually dead. Mr. Stewart, I can garantee the Saints of the Divine Court of Heaven are far more alive then YOU are. Praying is simply a divine form of communication. People tend to get this mixed up with worshipping, which is for God alone. We pray to the Saints for guidence and wisdom, for their prayers are FAR more powerful then ours here on earth, for they are in the Eternal Light of Heaven, sitted next to God. They can ask God to intervene for us, for they are seeing him face to face. . . For anyone who reads this, I pray that the Saints will lead you out of the slanderous words of Mr. Stewart, and into the light of true, divine wisdom. Amen.

A personal note to Mr. Stewart - 'Of the few things God really hates, ignorance is near at the top of the list. Before you decide to slander the Catholic Church any longer, I encourage you to pick yourself up a copy of the New Standard Bible and read it all the way through, seeing as the one you may have is self-written and self-edited. Study it till the words of the True God are pounded into your skull, like the nails were pounded into the hands of Christ. Then go out and find a copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church. Read that and THAN I'de like to see some slander, if you can come up with any. Mr. Stewart, we the Catholic Church, did not survive 2000 years to be knocked over like a stack of hay. We are steadfast and strong, because we are united under one banner. Gloria in excelsis Deo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haydn Pritchard, Dunedin, New Zealand. David J. Stewart Says Christian Hip Hop/Gospel Rap Is Evil

Omar Hernandez

I first came across David J. Stewart's site while searching for links on Christian Hip Hop/Gospel Rap.....and he had nothing but hate towards this genre of music and type of ministry.....he would be appalled that I even call it ministry I bet but that is exactly what it is. These artists who produce this music are blessed with talents given to them by God as all talents are....some of them may have used the talent wrongly in the past but are now using them to GLORIFY THE LORD!!!!! Mr. Stewart says all rap music is of the world and therefore satanic!!!!! This made me very upset first of all because I'm so sure he's only judging a book by its cover and has never taken any time at all to really listen to what these rappers preach in their music. Ill break it down like this:

Stewart Says:

Christian rappers want the world and the church and seek to unite them. He claims that these rappers and labels and ministries seek a Ecumenical Church

WRONG!!!!! - all the rap i listen to frequently speaks the message of how important the Christian church is and how we as lovers of Christ should NOT seek the things of this world nor miss them or want for them. They also say that other beliefs are not the way and are always shouting that JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY way!!!!!! They even specifically speak out against Bhuddism, Islam, and New Age Philosophies..... Thats is not Ecumenical at all but the contrary!

Stewart Says:

Christian Rap n other forms of Worship or Praise music generates lots of money and that is its sole purpose


The only truth is that it may indeed generate funds but nothing like what the mainstream music market does and these funds are used for Outreach Programs, Youth Ministries and for furthering all sorts of Church organizations and for serving the needy and poor. I'm sure the artists make a cut but they all speak out against worshiping money and how it is dangerous to love it because money can be an idol....some of them have songs specifically centered around the dangers of loving money and how God should be sought 1st and all other things will be provided. They also talk about the importance of tithing and giving God his due 1st for he is the creator of all things and through his blessings we have prospered only.

In closing Id like to say that I don't know Mr. Stewart's background in the Church too well and I don't know where he has gained his knowledge....I do know that many of these rappers are also pastors or part of some sort of ministry outside of music and they stress the importance of reading the word and learning from it 1st! A few of these rappers have even attended Seminary and have degrees and strong education in Systematic Theology and other subjects....Id like to see Stewart go head to head in debate with these guys in actual real life and see how much of his own so called understanding is exposed for misrepresentation of Gods word!
This guy disgusts me! I'm Orthodox Christian and he acts like he knows everything about our religion. Also, vladika means bishop, not ruler, as he callously claims. It means bishop. Gospod means ruler! Also, a picture he used to condemn the deceased Serbian patriarch is quite disrespectul and rude.

Although I am against abortion, he puts disgusting pictures 'to prove his point'. We don't need to see that!

He is also very racist, calling African Americans 'Hamites'. Apparently, MLK Jr. was a Communist.

He also acts like women are nothing but reproduction machines. I do agree that women need to have children and stay away from contraceptives, but they are also entitled to work outside the home. He apparently thinks women should be uneducated blimps who only care about having a nice warm meal on the table for their husband. He also makes a point against bobbed hair and wearing pants, something hundreds of women choose to wear (I guess that's the word). I don't think God cares if a woman's hair is short. God isn't like an old peeping Tom looking around seeing who's cutting their hair. Women are also supposed to listen to everything their husband says, no matter if she doesn't want to.

David portrays God as a harsh, condemning old man sitting on top of a cloud waiting to zap you with lightning. Isn't God a merciful, loving being?

In closing,

Nina K.
C. M. Texas, USA

David J. Stewart is a sorry excuse for a Christian. People like him blacken the name of Christianity. Jesus preached love, not hate and condemnation. Also, feminists are not evil witches. There's nothing wrong with the concept of equality, nor with women wearing pants.

(Interesting side note - Websense blocks his website as "racism and hate.")
Kendra Miller 3-23-11 and I'm 15

I was looking up divorce rates for a 9th grade school project and found a website that completely demeans woman. He says that all of the worlds problems are our fault. He says "Feminism is the main cause of divorce in America, which is why there are several million divorced women in the their twenties with 3 or 4 children. American women have become intolerable to live with, filled with selfish pride. If you're a woman and are angry at what I just said, then you're proving my point." He also goes on and on about Hannah Montana ( Miley Cyrus ) I agree that she is a bad influence on children but he like has a thing for her or something. He goes on to say "It is nauseating what many women today have deteriorated into, largely because of the influence of feminism. The American feminist culture is a terminal disease to society. California leads the way in moral rot, feminism, liberal agendas, homosexuality, wacko environmental laws, the highest prison population, scams, false prophets, cults and sadly, divorce. I say this kindly, but to America's shame. No wonder California has been nicknamed by many as The Granola State, i.e., the land of fruits and nuts. Hollyweird has even made a creepy show called Californication glorifying the sin of adultery. The city of San FranSICKO has passedAffirmative Action laws requiring the hiring of at least 20% of homosexuals for all city jobs. No such quota exists for Christians. I think Lex Luthor was on to something when he wanted to nuke the San Andreas' fault line and plunge California into the Pacific Ocean. Curse you Superman!" That last part I find a little strange? Curse you superman? How old is this guy passing judgment on every woman in the world? I do realize that I to am passing judgment on him. He then says "It is women who walk around 95% naked, causing lust and lasciviousness, not men. It is women who file for divorce at a rate at least 200% higher than men. Like it or not, women are leading the way in moral rot, decadence and rebellion against God" Most woman divorce there husband's for a reason. He says that some chick divorced her husband while he was in prison. Its like, well why was he in there? Murder, rape? He doesn't know. He is just saying these things to get people all freaked out. There will be tons of guys agreeing to his lame ass words because they are weak minded. Then he quotes some lame ass DR.? and he's like "Amen! Put some clothes on whores!" He says that "Walt Disney corporation. Walt Disney is of the Devil. As Christians we need to expose such evils with the Word of God. It's sickening what Walt Disney is teaching young girls to bewhores, dirty-minded perverts, selfish, arrogant, lesbians, self-centered, feminists and rebels against God." So because I watched Disney Channel as a kid I'm going to grow up and be a dirty minded pervert, self-centered, selfish, arrogant lesbian whore who doesn't believe in God? I don't think so, Disney Channel taught me how to share and count. He then says " It's hard to find even a Christian woman these days who believes in dressing modestly and obeying her husband. Feminism is the rot of America. Tragically, many Christian women have been influenced by feminism and don't even realize it. Anyone who tells you to even consider a divorce is a staunch feminist or a supporter of the Communist feminist agenda. God intended for marriage to be a lifetime bond, not to be broken by anything. You are obligated by God and your marriage vows to love your spouse, help them, pray for them and suffer with them if need be" Obeying her husband? Really? Its like this guy is... sexist? do you think? Well I do. He says that every woman is corrupt? I think he has a few screw's missing. Woman have every right to be just like men, and this David J. Stewart is trying to demean our rights. Make us look bad? Men are just as bad if not worse than us. He says that a baby is in most danger when in our womb. What a bunch of lies. If anyone really believes all that he has to say without even blinking then. I don't believe they are true Christians. My mom always says treat everyone how you want to be treated. I don't know it I can do that here because I have a very strong opinion about this subject because I am a woman. I am very glad that I got all of this written down on paper. I am very sorry for my bias against him because I do not know both sides, but he did not give out his e-mail on his page so that I could here his side so this is my side and my side only.
Brad anderson My name is Lydia K.
As a former Christian and current Satanist I can honestly say that this person is the epitome of chaotic evil. I would also have thought this was a joke site were it not for the fact that he has apparently spent his entire life compiling all of this crap. I am concerned that this person is a threat to society and I wish authorities would figure out who he is to make sure he isnt carrying out hate crimes in his own area, and not just on the internet.
i am not a christian. im a wiccan and was extremely pffended by what david posted on his site. i would love for you to add my name. jericho pope
Jonny D
Roman Catholic!!!
Most the stuff this guy says is just wrong. He preaches nothing but hate.

David's manifestations

Wow- this guy is against everything and everyone. What a terrible way to go through life. This guy has been brainwashed from his childhood to blindly accept his parent's faith just like the extreme fundamental Muslims who suicide bomb. David is utterly brainwashed. If he is a real person, and does in fact have severe neck pain, it is because his extreme strong beliefs have manifested themselves in physical reality. The spiritual root causes of his neck pain are his beliefs that he carries the weight of the unsaved world on his shoulders, earthly life is full of pain, darkness, and suffering, and his way is the only way. These strong persistent beliefs have manifested in physical reality as severe shoulder-neck pain and stiffness and his own life now mirrors his strong beliefs. As within, so without. Unless he begins to change these beliefs, his condition will worsen and worsen. We create our own reality with our thoughts, and David is an unfortunate example of what a mess we can make of our own lives when we choose inappropriate thoughts and beliefs. Hope he is able to someday see the real Light of spirituality outside of manmade religion.

Thanks for a place to comment on such an unfortunate individual.

Mrs. Light
HI! I'm Matthew Corry and i'm 17. I am a Christian from England, but i wont call myself by that title after reading Stevens' pages - I hold the same beliefs, in Jesus, God and in absolute morality, but I simply will not allow myself to be branded under the same banner as the minority or people such as DJS. Hollywood and the music industry are getting a clouded picture of Christianity - rather than the loving, caring and supportive grouping that it is in most cases, it is being branded as ridiculous, extremist and hateful. Branding any religion as hateful, or hating anything at all is the only thing i believe to be a real sin - and even this can be ultimately forgiven - anything can, and these people seem to have forgotten this.

What's worse is that they supply anti-Christian and sadist groups (i use the term correctly here, unlike Stevens, for 'one who opposes religious beliefs) with fuel to brand Christianity and all religion as illogical - going by theories such as Pascal's law, belief in a higher power is the epitome of logic - it's a free lottery. No price, just the chance of a reward, if we as Christians are correct. Moreover, the whole idea of 'only Christians can go to heaven' is ridiculous in itself - if god would let people who will nor ever could even be exposed to Christianity go to hell for not believing in him, that would be unfair and unjust, and since God (or at least religious teachings of control and benevolence) is the foundation of justice and law, this is an impossibility for a rational belief. "Dust to dust, ashes to ashes" - surely this means that all people and creatures go back to god whether they like it or not - 'all things come from you and of your own do we give you'.

God does not hate or get angry (i reckon his 'fury' is OT jibber-jabber for passion - the modern translations from the ancient taxts are incredibly far removed, almost all of the words are different in meaning, only similar), so there is no reason for humans to. It is perfectly easy to simply 'not be angry', ever - anger breeds hatred, violence and hurt, so why not just remove it?

Thus, i believe, according to rationale, that atheists, homosexuals, lesbians and EVERYONE can go to heaven - if there was a single person I had ever met on earth who was not in heaven, then i would undoubtedly miss that person and thus heaven would not be paradise, and if there were a heaven without one single person, that would be like hell, because it would mean that God is not as good as i have come to believe he is. I would rather endure suffering in hell (should it exist) than have to accept god as 'evil' or not wholly good.

But that's just me.

Matthew Corry, 17.
Jesus the truth the way the life

I been on David j Stewart web site unfortunately and it seriously turn me off, he was so busy pointing fingers and judging he forgot the love of Christ, the son of god didn't come to this world to condemn and to scare people he came with a message and the love of god, but David Stewart forgot one thing judge not or you will be judge, I will get back to this one in a minute, as it is written in the bible 1 Corinthians 13 No matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love, as a Christian David Stewart web site is very disturbing but he is right on one thing, the false religions like Hinduism, Jehovah witnesses, Islamic Muslim,Buddhism,Mormonism and cults like new age,scientology,witchcraft and atheism, but as a Christian it not a religion it my relationship with god,Jesus Christ and the holy spirit that dwells in me, those false religions and cults don't believe in Jesus Christ is the son of god and is a prophet as he came here to wash are sins away, threw giving our self to god as it also is written in Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God only we can find love, peace, joy and grace threw believing in his son Jesus Christ, no one goes thru god except going thru Jesus first. So as we go back on David Stewart judging and what was a shock on his rant on roman Catholicism, like he saying on one page pope john Paul 2 is burning in hell and on other page Catholics are going to hell, I guess he think he god, I would say not !!!! Only the holy lord is the judge, king and saviour and I have catholic friends, like I was saying before very disturbing I would say that one thing some Catholics would put Mary before Jesus and that is wrong and if your bowing down to a statue is seriously really wrong, so it too bad Stewart forgot the love of god and instead started judging left, right and center if even he a Christian at all it makes me wonder, I wouldn't seriously want to be near him at all, David does more harm than good and makes all Christians look bad. So my fellow readers I hope the email helps god loves us and he made you and created you wonderful I can only speak threw experience giving my life to god and having that relationship, the holy lord as my provider, protector and saviour, Jesus Christ and the holy spirit it a wonderful thing and I hope and pray that one day u will experience it too : )

p.s I don't hate David j Stewart I hate is actions and how he conducts himself
Daniel S. (6/30/11)

When I first discovered David's website, I was a little bit scared, but then I began to question his integrity when I saw his 9/11 conspiracy articles. David clearly has great disdain for today's music and pop culture (I mean, sure it's fine to be aware of the dangers in our world today, but I don't think that it's the music or anything like that that's the problem, I think it's man's heart). David claims in some of his articles that he doesn't condemn anyone, however, there are some articles that contradict his statement. Just read this article that he wrote about Katy Perry (http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Rock-n-Roll/katy_perry.htm). In the article, David just rants and raves about how Katy Perry is a sinner and is heading to hell, etc. because she sings about homosexuality. Now, just to be clear, I don't condone any of the topics that Katy Perry sings about in her music, I too think that it's immoral, but is her sin the absolute worst sin ever? No! Of course not, all sin is equally repugnant in the eyes of God. My point is that since he focuses on Katy Perry so much on the article, he seems to get the idea that Katy Perry is the problem. The problem here is not Katy Perry, but man's heart and man's attitude towards sin.

Another problem that I have with David is that he seems to cite from unreliable sources, but yet warns people about unreliable sources such as Wikipedia. Here is where he does this: > Joseph Francis Farah, founder of the conservative Christian website, /World Net Daily /, has also been maliciously slandered on the internet, by none other than the vile Wikipedia website (please read, Wikipedia Lies, Slander Continue ). Anyone can make allegations against anyone on the internet these days, and they do. Unfortunately, a person is deemed guilty until proven innocent in today's Godless and slanderous U.S. society. No wonder our nation is becoming a Police State. I agree with radio host Alex Jones, who stated on December 16, 2009: America has become a rat-infested worm hole... wicked nations go into bondage. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/pastor_jack_hyles_defended.htm He calls Wikipedia a "vile" website, but yet even he cites from Wikipedia. Don't believe me? Just read this next citation from an article on his website: > http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/CCM/proof.htm > Rock n roll music was not viewed favorably by most fundamentalist Christians when it attained popularity with young people beginning in the 1950s...

> Possibly the very first documented appearance of a rock band playing in church is Mind Garage in 1967, whose / Electric Liturgy/, finally recorded on RCA in 1970, gives them credibility as a cornerstone in the creation of the Christian Rock genre. In the 1970s, Larry Norman was a popular Christian rock musician who challenged a view held by some conservative Christians (predominantly fundamentalists) that rock music was anti-Christian. One of his songs, "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?", summarized his attitude and his quest to pioneer Christian rock music.

> Still, Christian rock was often viewed as a marginal part of the nascent Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and contemporary gospel industry in the 1970s and '80s, though Christian folk rock artists like Phil Keaggy and Bruce Cockburn had some success and Christian-identifying hard rock acts such as Stryper gained some fame during the 1980s. U2 , a band composed mostly of Christians but which existed outside the Christian rock industry, became one of the most popular bands in the world by the late 1980s. -SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_rock

Do you see where he got that citation from? None other than the "vile" Wikipedia as he calls it! That is complete hypocrisy! Anyone can put anything on Wikipedia!

Finally, my last problem with David is that he calls Judaism a "Satanic" religion.

Just read this article:

> http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Judaism/satanic.htm

In this article, he claims that Judaism is Satanic, but yet claims that he's not anti-Semitic in any way. Yeah, hypocrisy much, David? If what he's saying about Judaism is true, than he is also saying that Christianity is Satanic as well! That is completely blasphemous. "Not anti-Semitic in any way" my foot!

I'm not the only one who spoke out against these anti-Semitic claims, the person on this article here also responded:

> http://www.therefinersfire.org/jesus_is_savior.htm

I'm very thankful that the author of that article spoke out against that anti-Semitic garbage. Anyway, I urge people to stay away from David and his website. He may think that he is righteous and just, but he is not God, and we should not follow him.
I just came accross the guys website, and i hated what he said about Michael Jackson and Martin Luther King, because he should get some facts first before putting all those allegations, those were allegations, but no evidence at all was founded that Michael Jackson had done this. And the money Michael Jackson had paid, doesnt make him guilty, the fact that the parents took the money, and then said no more about it, shows and proves that they were the guilty ones, that made all these lies up just to get money. If their kid really was abused by Michael JAckson, then they shouldnt accept any money, and should get justtice for their child. it proves that the parents of that child had made up these lies to get 22 million dollars from Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson only paid that money after he had been advised by his lawyers, Michael Jackson didnt want to pay the money, but his lawyers said that otherwise this will go on for seven years, plus Michael Jackson was becomoing very ill in his health, tried to commit suicide, and was addicted to pain killers. For the safety of his health he paid the money to stop the allegations, so he can have his life back. Whatever we think of Michael Jackson, we shouldnt be calling him those false allegations. Thats serious and can put him away for life. Plus there was a six month trial, and Michael Jackson went to trial, and the verdict came out that there just is no evidence to put this man away. There was none. THey interviewed thirty boys, and not one of them had siad the same thing as what the original boy said. Plus what the first boy Jordan Chanlder had described Micahel JAcksons body parts, didnt even match up when they serach Michael Jacksons body, whih was dehumanising and humiliating. Michael Jackson was vindicated, and the verdict was Not Guilty. And people are still going on saying thats what he is. What evidence do they need. Thers no evidence. You need evidence to make an allegation and statement like that. There is none.

Why did the guy mention Martin Luter King aswell.

Plus didnt this guy plead guilty, after pleading not guilty and there was real evidene found that this guy was sinning, and doing the exact same thing that he falsely and wrongly accused Michael Jackson for?

So yeah i am against what this guy said with regards to MJ and MLK

David is a Alex Jones of Infowars.com listener, NO CHRISTIAN in their right mind would listen to that fearmonger! He recommends others listen as well, so he obviously doesn't pay alot of attention to what he hears or sees.


my name is Nicholas and a Christian born and raised and i myself was searching for answers on the Internet at one time i believed what was on his web page to be true my Answer i was looking to but wen i realized he was a Hypocrite and promoted many of the things he preached against so hatefully i realized that his preaching's were untrue http://davidjstewartexposed.blogspot.com/ shows the truth on him and i have two particular verses of the Bible for him to think about and hopefully improve his walk with the Lord Jesus Christ i am not perfect not at all and still trying to clean myself in my own walk with the savior but here are two i feel match well with him

Abstain from all appearance of evil. - 1 Thessalonians 5:22 - For the skulls/skeletons on his Web page probably did not see them but there are some very far down on his opening Web page


Mat 7:3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam [is] in thine own eye?. Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. all Verses i have Taken are from the King James bible if anyone is curious to were i got them
Rebekah Herzberg

I honestly have to say your website is the most obtuse piece of garbage I have ever read. You obviously are not a true Christian because true Christians do not tell people they are going to hell. You are not suppose to judge people. Or did you forget that part? Why don't you mind your own business and wait for your so called judgement day to come instead of trying to fill people's heads with nonsense? I am a proud Hebrew woman and these are just a few of the MANY things you are wrong about.

1. Spongebob is NOT gay. It's a cartoon made for children. PERIOD.

2. Kurt Cobain did not worship Satan. The things you are quoting him on about being a homosexual, etc are called SARCASM AND AMUSEMENT! It's moronic of you to actually take that out of context. I often joke to people about me being a lesbian when I am not. It's called a sense of humor. It's not even in your place to say if it's right or wrong for someone to be gay. As for you saying that he would sell his soul for fame and desperately wanted to be liked and respected.that just proves even further that you don't know what you're talking about. Kurt HATED being famous. He didn't have any involvement with witchcraft either you ass hat.

3. Your problems against feminism? Really? Most of those women are just trying to stand up for themselves and prove that they don't need a man to run their life and that they should have equal rights because they tooare a human being like man. DUH!

4. You know nothing about art and music. Stairway to Heaven is NOT a song about Satan. There are no hidden messages and what jackass actually listens to a song in reverse? That song was written with the very best of intentions.

5. LOL at you saying the Jonah's Brother's songs have Satanic messages. I am guessing you are a very deranged and STUPID individual. I don't even like that gay little boy band but seriously dude.why do you keep playing songs in reverse? Nobody listens to music in reverse. Stop already!

6. Did I mention that you're a douche?

7. As for what you think about Marilyn Manson, read this: http://www.antilife.org/files/marilyn.html In this interview with Rolling Stone he explains the hypocrisy that is the bible and the majority of Christians. It may open your eyes. I love your page on MM being responsible for the Columbine Killings. The only ones responsible were the crazy teenagers that shot up the place. Obviously, they had issues. You cannot go around blaming other people for their problems. They're dead, case closed, get over it.

8. Madonna does NOT portray herself receiving oral sex from a dog in her SEX book. I know, I have seen and read it. Seriously, are you mentally retarded? Did you even bother to look at or read this before accusing her of having oral sex with dogs? As for calling her a devil worshiper solely on the fact that the woman enjoys sexyou couldn't be more wrong. That doesn't make her a devil worshiper. Madonna is actually very spiritual. Your ignorance amazes me more and more.

9. LOL @ you calling Beyonce Knowles the devil.

10. LOL @ the Backstreet Boys Being the devil


12. Christian rock and rap S-U-C-K-S!

13. Satan isn't using the Harry Potter Series to make ANYTHING happen. Harry Potter is an extremely gay and retarded book series about little kids and Wizardry. Simply put.

14. As for your 'sickness' you had a frictin' herniated disc. OH MY GOD! No one cares. You don't have cancer. Stop making it out to seem like you're going through so much pain. Try having a baby. Oh wait that's right, you don't believe in women having an opinion. Fag.

Please Fuck Off and Die.


A Satan Worshiper.
Dave stewart is a coward he can run his mouth but doesn,t like to be confronted what a wimp

Tena And Mike Mosher
Hello my name is Christopher and I am very familiar with David Stewart's antics and unbiblical teachings. This man does not believe in repentance for wrong doing rather he holds to the false doctrine of Easy Believism by just saying Jesus is Lord. hates Reformed Christians (Calvinist) which I am one. He indulges in many nonsense conspiracy theories such as that whack job Alex Jones. What's really sick is he defends his mentor Jack Hyles a known Adulterer and which allows his school Hyles Anderson college to engage gross practices. David has made an Idol out of himself and his God Jack Hyles he would do good to obey Proverbs 6 God hates pride and boastful looks. He is a hyper Legalist much like the Pharisees who said obey this law and that law yet did not do so themselves. David seems to have no Standard accountability. When I pointed this out to him I was called a heretic and full of the devil. May David seek God with humility and mercy and lose his pride and self righteous attitude to which he accuses others of having. Isaiah 5:20. Thank you for exposing this wolf in sheep's clothing.

God Bless

Hi. I found the website Jesus-is-savior.com on accident and at first thought it was a good Christian site, but after I read articles I found he was an imposter. Apparently, everything is satanic, and there are NO good Christians behind him. He says that Walt Disney, women wearing pants, and almost everything else are of the Devil. I'm just glad I learned he was lying before I took everything he said seriously. He seems to think there is no need for repentance. We are just supposed to say we sinned and not let the Holy Spirit help us turn away from sin. Apparently, every type of medicine will kill you. He is really a crazy nutjob who doesn't believe the Bible. He had one or two decent articles, but the rest are anti-biblical lies. I really hate how many people are decieved by him.

Susanne Onyx Siniard TDH ,Fellow Follower Of Christ:) ,Singapore


Christian Rock music & Rap music ? We, We... by the LORD's Glory and grace, he gave us the gift to worship him& to Make lyrics. Our GOD Almighty is a GOD who loves US. That is why ,we love each others. That's not how you make people come to LORD Jesus. Brother, It seems that you have been DECEIVE BY THE DEVIL, By FOLLOWING Your own human ways & Judgement. The problem is SIN , If GOD is for us, then who can be against us? Then, can neither anyone or anything can stop us.

Christian Rock & Rap music conceive lyrics that can often tell us about the LOVE of OUR GOD and Words of God. The main thing you have LOST & FORGOTTEN . Which ... that is Believing in Christ & Christ Alone. You don't need to RESEARCH . All You need is GOD & His holy spirit and it is only JESUS , Who is the WAY The TRUTH & The LIFE. put on the full amour of god , that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil! JESUS will make our PATH. With JESUS! ----

You don't need to tell us these things you "Researched " on Because the holy spirit will make the way! Our way! And then we pray to the heavenly father our GOD, Our KING. Who LOVES us, Who YEARNS for us. Because with him anything is possible. Brother, Forget about Your "researching" Because WHAT you have done , you're slowly moving further &further away from JESUS. I Shout to YOU! Fear not that your messages are not good, But fear that your messages are NOT OF GOD! Do not live a life free from fear. But live a life fearing the right things. But what you're doing... is not how JESUS would say!

If you would say that you're a Follower of JESUS? Then would you like if JESUS never says anything about the GOD In Heaven WHO LOVES US! But only saying that the Dark waters that lives in this world? Brother,Remember the Gospel is everything... Be the light of the world..

nate w.

God is peace, love and wisdom. He lives in everything and everyone, in all actions and all events. Love, wisdom, charity and willingness to admit that we do not understand everything, that our logic is flawed and to look to others to improve ourselfs is the mark of a Christian, not hard-headedness, believing that we know everything, that we are right and that anyone who affarms our own beliefs is right and anyone who says different is evil. That is about as anti Christian as it gets. Above all hate, fear and ignorance is the anti-christ personified in our world. Any Christian who lives in hate, fear and ignorance is nothing more than the tool of the devil. Jesus spent his time with prostitutes and tax collectors, he was poor, he was a teacher and philosopher, he was detested by the social heirarchy and the religous leaders, he was without sin and was killed by those who were there to adminster justice to the empire. To be a Christian is to be Christ like. What kind of Christian are you mr David J? God give us all wisdom and understanding to do His will in peace, love and charity. Please forgive spelling errors, I have a handicap and my spellcheck isn't working well. NW
Hey guys, c'mon, frankly speaking if I have to say who is blinded, I have to say its you guys, not David John Stewart. I'm definitely not saying he's the messiah or what but trust me, his articles are based on solid biblical truth. Yes, some of them may be over the top but you can deny the ones that expos the sins are impeccable. Is this what's happening now? The ways of the world is turning against a man who speaks out for God? It is said in the bible that the world hates a man who loves Christ. It this whats happening here? We Christians need to stop behaving like tommorow is just another day and the day or the Lord will never come. It will come my friends. And for those who think music is not corrupted, think again. Rock music indeed has the power to destroy souls and even I it's Christian Rock Music, it should not be allowed. Well for rap, rapping does not have any dark connotations behind it but if the rap is about fornication, what different is it from pornography? If the rap is about killing, what different is it from instigating? If the rap is about drugs and booze, how different is it from a drug pusher in Colombia or a place ridden with drug cartels. Yes music has te power to change lives and inspire people and to demand change but it also has the power to make people sin. Yes David has made mistakes and run afoul of the law and while I condemn his sins, We have to give credit where credit is due. Before we write David off as a heinous apostate, I would like to know y'all point of view. Are you judging him from the biblical standards of living or the worlds standard of living?
Remember, loving is one thing but it should not take precedence over exposing evil. I think David has every right to condemn sin, not caring about flak from other religions because god is not a respecter of men and I think God would rather hurt that allow people to be in a false religion. Remember, soul winning and exposing Satan is the priority as Jesus said better for them to come through fear than to remain ignorant.

God bless,
I am deeply saddened to see that there are individuals out there who claim to be Christian and continually post this kind of garbage. Individuals like this are controlling, their main purpose is to get everyone to believe exactly what they believe. They have the perception that they are the only right ones. Ken Silva's website is another example. Christian's are suppose to be led by the Holy Spirit. To be a Christian is to have a personal relationship with Jesus who is the living Word of God. I am accountable for what the Lord reveals to me when I read his Word and pray. The Assemblies of God is not a false religion. How ignorant can one be to make such a claim. The Body of Christ needs to work together to win a lost world to Jesus. Jesus said If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. We are called to lift up the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts the world of sin and their need for a savior. I have learned that there are different levels of spiritual maturity in the body of Christ; therefore we should not judge each other who claim to be followers of Jesus, but pray for one another and love one another. His website just promotes hatred and confusion for those who are spiritually immature.

John R. Burroughs
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
John 14:6 Acts 4:12
My name is Robin Jaison. I was deceived for years by Stewart. But then i found out he was cursing, blaspheming and reviling great men of God like Martin Luther, Dr. Billy Graham, C.I.Scofield, John McArthur, John Calvin etc. He even says lies about them and said things not really found in The Scofield's Bible( I own one ).

There is truth in some of his sayings. But he curses too much and our Lord said "Bless and do not Curse." He even says that the KJV is the God-Inspired word when in fact the KJV is just a man made translation( with over 100 translation mistakes).

I'm totally against David J Stewart, TOTALLY.
Mr. Stewart, I hope you are reading this because you need to get your facts straight. I am a 14 year old and am a member of Christs church. The name of my congregation is my towns name, followed by church of christ. I read your page about the Churches of christ and every bit of what you said was FALSE, and it concerned me about how little the public knows and how hard people strive to disprove the truth. You made a statement about how only a preacher can babtize you and that is not true, however you must be fully emersed in water by a Christian who has already been babtized for the remission of their sins. To be babtized you must understand what sin is, understand that you have sinned, believe in god, repent of your sins, confess his name, be baptized(fully emersed in water) lose all sins committed. Then and only then can you be called a Christian and a member of christs church. I'm not trying to be mean in any way and I know that many of you that do not like this email, will probably have some rude and uncaring things to say, but even in the time of christ, he was pursecuted for the truth and so were many others, and still are many today. I hope this helped clear things up for everyone, and espically you Mr. Stewart. I like how dedicated you are to what it is you believed in, I just wish that you believed the truth, not unfactual statements. The hardest part of all of this is accepting that you are wrong. Random verse that says church of christ in it, Romans 16:16. Thank you to all that have read this and I hope the best for you and hope you will make the write decisions.;) Good Luck! Scott D

I stumbled across David J Stewart's website (jesus-is-savior) this morning while doing a little research on Christian music artist Toby Mac. I started to read more and more of David's opinions, and was puzzled with his forceful style of preaching, which claims to profess "The TRUTH". However, most of his "articles" contain little value except as a platform for a disturbed man to criticize the rest of the world, repeatedly stating that they are sinners, blasphemers, heretics.

The unorganized and rambling nature David's site reminds me very much of Gene Ray's Timecube -- (http://www.timecube.com/) --> The work of a truly confused man. I suspect Gene Ray is schizophrenic (Literally, I mean this in no joking or humorous sense). While David may not be schizophrenic (At least his "teachings" are rooted in reality to some extent, i.e. pointing to the Bible), it is obvious that he suffers some kind of mental problems, likely more classifiable as a personality disorder. But hey, we're all screwed up in our own way.

As I read more of David's site, I started to wonder "OK, you have pointed out many things and people that you disagree with... You have told me many things that I should NOT do. But how do you propose that I should behave?". It seems to me that David's site, and indeed his mindset, has an overwhelming tendency to focus in on the negative. "Here is what you should not do". So as I researched more on his site about how I "should" live or behave, pretty much the only reference I could find was "Follow the word of God, exactly as it is written in the 1611 King James Bible. All other Bible revisions are false, inaccurate, or intentionally mistranslated to deceive you".

Really? Are you kidding me? The KJB was written in the year AD 1611.... 16 centuries after the time of Christ. Many hundreds of years after the original texts were written, in another language. If I subscribed to this type of logic, shouldn't the only "accurate" way to read the bible be to learn Hebrew and/or Greek and read the original texts? I could go on and on about how it is more useful for the message of the Bible to be transmitted than to uphold any specific tradition. Modern translations certainly have their use! But I digress... I highly suspect that if David J Stewart was alive in the year 1611, he would profess the King James Bible as BLASPHEMOUS, because it was a new translation, not accurate to the traditional texts, the EXACT WORD OF GOD, etc.... My commentary on all this: Just because something is traditional in America during your lifetime does not mean that it's the 1 and only truth and that anything else is blasphemous or inaccurate.

Then, of course I found davidjstewartexposed.blogspot.com. In a way, this surprised me... but in another way it didn't. There are so many stories of corruption among the priesthood. (Not that David is a priest by any means)... So it's not really surprising that a person with this type of rigid viewpoint and who writes these types of articles would have some dirty secrets. What seems especially neurotic about the whole thing, however, is that the Music artists he calls out as Blasphemous and "of the devil", are the exact same ones he claims to love and enjoy on his personal dating site.

There seems to be some serious cognitive dissonance going on here. I wouldn't be surprised if he also secretly likes Toby Mac and other "CCM" artists that he hates on so much in his website.

Anyway... I'll summarize now by saying that I myself am not even Christian. I have been agnostic my entire life, and for the past 3 years I have also been following the path of Buddhism (Worth clarifying to anyone reading: Buddhists do not worship Buddha, they merely look to him as a role model). However, my family attends a Methodist Church. I am active in the Church, sing in the choir, go to Sunday school. And yes, I have "come out of the closet" about my agnosticism and Buddhism at Church .... And you know what? To my surprise, they have accepted me. I'm still "Just Scott"... We have had some really interesting discussions in Sunday school.

So .... If you are Christian and reading this right now... Just keep in mind that we are watching. (By this, I mean non-Christians). We are watching what you say and do, and how you behave. We are all sinners, I know that. I also know that the Christian doctrine states that your sins are forgiven if you accept Jesus. It also says that all sins are equal (something I have never understood) But .... If you accept Jesus and still continue to act highly immorally (Adultery, sexual abuse, murder), thinking that you have a "free ticket" into Heaven ..... Do you really really believe that? Does your conscience believe that? If you truly accept Jesus, and still act that way, you are on the wrong path, my friend....

If you really feel convicted about leading people to Christ, what better way to start than by setting an example and following him yourself?

Among all religious and spiritual traditions, morality is a goal. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, etc, our goal as true followers of our faiths is to better ourselves, so we can then better the world.

If we are able to better our own behavior... and break free from the chains of greed and hatred, then we will be able to live more fulfilling lives...

Compassionately in the service of other people.

-Scott D (North Carolina)
Hi, I'm Danny an Arab Christian, and I find SOME Stewart's pages pretty useful like the ones about not cursing or the false religions. But yes I AM against this website and find it very racist and hateful. I did a little research and found out that the Website is actually bad.

With all my love,
Danny. :)

Before I explain everything, let me just say this: I am not actually against David J. Stewart. The Word says this: 'For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.' (Ephesians 6:12 Good News Translation). We as followers of Christ are against evil and The Enemy. We are also against false doctrine and heresies like the ones David preaches.

Anyways, I first discovered this horrifying website in the month of September in 2010 while searching on google "Is Christian Rock and Rap evil?" (Don't worry, I do not believe that now, it was OCD, I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and OCD comes with it. At the time I was worried about whether I was doing what was really right or not.) I found one of his articles on Christian Rock and Rap (Yes, he has more than one article on it haha!) and read it. I got scared, but then I dismissed it and went on with whatever else it was I was doing. Later that month, the OCD got much worse and I went back to it and I started to consider it. I talked to my parents about it and they said it is a lie and he is basically saying that those musicians are casting out demons with the help of demons. I became relieved, but that was not the end of my OCD, that went on, but later on in the year 2011 into this year, I became obsessed with the 'what-ifs' about conspiracy theories. Some of his articles actually got me scared. I figured out quickly that he believes in this modern society called the Illuminati. He believes that the whole Gospel music insustry is evil and a part of the Illuminati which does not make any sense because it was only old white politicians who were in the Illuminati around 220 or so years ago, not young black rappers or anything like that haha! I also read one of his articles about TobyMac, it was hilarious!!! He said his music is RECYCLED WORLDLY MUSIC and Satanic!!! I laughed so hard at that crap. He also said that he is a part of the New World Order and he looks like a street punk who needs to find God, not Jesus haha!!! Also, he does not understand a lot of jokes, like you say on this webpage, he just sees everything through a conspiracy filter and he actually believes that nearly everything is Satanic and created to destroy people and force them into a Satanic agenda; that is the typical mindset of a Christian conspiracy theorist. Also, I hate this website because it has put a lot of fears and in me that I still struggle with rarely. He makes it seem like there is not one good Christian out there, and he hardly mentions ANY good thing on his website. He just exposes everyone and everything but Jack Hyles, and Alex Jones as false, but sadly, I heard them two are the real frauds. I wouldnt actually call David a fraud though because he sounds like he is utterly confused and he sounds like he wants to genuinely follow Christ. Also, why does he feel the need to 'expose' certain things like the Illuminati and celebrities? For one thing, if the modern Illuminati are actually real, so what? We have the victory in Jesus Christ and He protects us from danger and evil. Most of the things, if not all of them, he mentions about Illuminati should not change the way you live your life. For another thing, it should be common sense to real Christians that we should not follow or listen to mainstream celebrities like Katy Perry. Not that David is, but it sounds like he is just trying to gain a following by getting involved in celebrity stuff and sensational conspiracy theories, but then again, he just sounds like he is utterly confused but good-hearted and after God. He is truly being a Pharisee right now. I have seen his picture, and I am bothered by just that. He looks like he would be a very VERY obnoxious Christian to be around, even worse than all the obnoxious ones I know today. I suspect he may have some kind of mental disorder because of how he talks in his articles; it just seems different from the way normal people talk. I will be praying for him because I love Him like God does and I don't want him to lead people into nonsense legalistic thinking. I also want him to enjoy the life God has given him instead of living in the box he has created for himself.

-Anonymous 7/9/12
I was REALLY angry when Stewart said that the Beatles were satanic. I am friends with one of their sons, and they are one of the nicest people I've ever met. Surely a Satanist couldn't raise such a beautiful, sweet, God-fearing son? I am a Christian, but not some Bible-Thumping, biased, radical Christian. I try to respect the fact that the Beatles and other people are not Christians; I don't agree with them, but I won't treat them differently for having a belief I don't see as true.
Someone should really get around to finding some way to get this guy's website off the internet, or something. It's so frustrating that every time I google something Christian, his website comes up! May Jesus bless you all!
Desperate time's need desperate measures.

Sent from my iPad. I don't care what David Stewart look's like.We need someone like him to shake this World and wake us up.What can you say he is wrong about?True,he does offend,but that's what this world need's.God is no respecter of person's,and while he is a God of love,he is very harsh against sin.I have to say Stewart is pretty on the money.Who do you Listen to,Joel Olsteen?
Dwayne Langley.
I was reading his garbage today and ran across pentecostal madness. This guy is nuts. He actually said we are satanic because we talk in strange tongues. Yes he even said acts 2:38 was a satanic bible passage and takes away from baptism. He aligned all of us with benny hinn. First of Benny Hinn has not been accepted by the church as a preacher for decades and was stripped of his pentecostal preachers license. We speak in tongues. But is part of our faith. We don't condemn other faiths for not. He also claimed we are self-righteous for living, wait for it, righteously. Also Acts 2:38 enforces baptism. He said we were demon possessed for speaking in tongues. I use to be a addicted to pain killers. I was still using them heavily the night I received the Holy Ghost. When I came to I no longer craved the drugs and haven't since. What demon do you know cures that. Maybe Srewarts the one possessed.

Im' tired of hearing all this talk about love.Weather it's coming from homosexual's,pro choice advocates,Oprah,or the whole left world.Of corse love is everything.But God hate's sin and we need to be reminded of that constantly now more than ever.I'm behind Stewart all the way!
truth is neither Dave stewart or Mcarthur are any betterthan eachother their both wolves imo tried emailing both and could get through to neither ,cowardly imo,can run at the mouths You are a troll! Haha apparently you are the scumbag! The website has more truth than your lowly life. okay, this may be a little late, but i have known about his site for a while now, and it is downright ... argh...i can't say it. his ideas are given parents and children the wrong idea. well, not exactly christian-wise, but that guy is the worst radical "christian" extremist to EVER exist.

i'm surprised he hasn't beaten someone to the brink of death just because they don't always follow his views. he has been blinded by misinformation and false assumptions. is this an effort to shut it that site that has caused families to be destroyed, degradation, and even suicides maybe, all out of sheer pressure. Connor Shaw
I have read every thing on all different religions and philosophy's and after Reading that hate filled judgmental site I'm sadden to see how aleister crowley,demoley pike and great men are hatefully bashed.to change the world as a magician you must do the opposite of what you want to happen.if you want rain start a fire.if you want racial equality start a hate group.alla albert pike.the universe must be balanced and the great architect who ever you may call him is always watching.may his single eye in a triangle never cease to watch over us.so mote it be. This Man Needs To Be Taught A Lesson In Realism...

Luka Zeeb.
david j steward has slandered the SDA church, who owns the school i go to, and he has also made the jewish people look like demons.

i have on thing to say to him, you are a sinner too, mr Steward.

adam hanson
Haven't you heard about David J. Stewart's sex crime?

Just click here and read...

John Vian
I came across stewarts website when i was searching for demonic symbols link for a while it had me fooled until i came across something that i know was false this lead me to other links and i now know for a fact that stewart does not represnt God at all. He is full of hatred and decit and our God is a God of love i think his site should be shut down. He might lead those who are geniunely seeking God into a big trap.Down with stewart and his big lies.

Eunice Kabura
I am a Catholic and when stewart said that the divine mercy represents the all seeing eye of the illuminati i was shocked,before stewart casts his stones he needs to find out about the images and the beliefs of the catholic church i am so tired of people talking about the church just because they can and he also went ahead and posted an image of catholic faithful praying to Mary.Stewart you need to repent the bible is a book of love and not hate Jesus was all about love and that is why he forgave even on the cross we as catholics do not worship mary or saints we need their intercession becasue they are in the presence of God read your bible and understand i you do not understand the bible keep your opinions to yourself. because you risk falling under God's judgement.

Eunica Kabura
This fellow, David Stewart, lacks basic Bible knowledge and any knowledge on the formation of the Bible and will lead anyone astray who does not know better; he is a very dangerous person, in that sense -- for it would be terrible for anyone else to get caught up in his hate fill world. His rants indicate a spiritually misguided, tormented lost soul who has become entangled in his own inner world of frustration and hate. Coming across as being bound by his own forged inner fetters of frustration due to unmet desires we can only pray that he finds resolution and comfort some day. Let us keep D. Stewart in our prayers for it is obvious that it cannot be a pleasant existence living in a self-made world of hate like he does.

Pastor M. Shaw M.Div.
I stand against stewart I first knew about this site when I read his page on feminism. I had a swell time reading the article as I oppose feminist ideology as a conservative republican. But with blatant anti American statements throughout his articles eg "god damn America" I left the site for good. Sadly the memories of the sight continue to haunt me but then I was able to understand Stewart's errors.

Along with hurtful generalizations, conspiracy theories and aggressive language he contradicts himself by claiming the Salvation army's obedience to Christ doctrine is heresy yet in an article miracle of prayer (the only pleasant article) he claims faith is obedience to the scriptures! he says one thing and then the other. One thing incredibly annoying is that he criticizes Christians more than atheists who have damaged the world throughout history more than Christianity, hence he should expose atheism even more.

I'll finish this message with advising people to avoid this man until he is fully repentant. Instead I recommend you visit Conservapedia (a conservative alternative to the liberal biased wikipedia) and Creation.com, a friendly website dedicated to defending the good Christian faith through science. Since I've followed those two sights I've become a cleverer, friendlier and possibly funnier person. Hatred is hardly in my mind nowadays. I send my best wishes and God's grace to be with to you with all forever James Elliott
David is going to be far more tormented for eternity in hell by remembering all the times someone who loved him enough to attempt to lead him to truth than he will by the flames around him!

Colin Stitt Mangawhai New Zealand
stewart is from hell

rob roy

to quote your rubbish!!! where is the Love you say? Mate you are a fruit loop..........May God have mercy on you Pal.

"We can finally put names to faces! I finally found a picture of this guy after all these years. And it's recent too, taken just last November, 2008. Click Here A picture is worth a thousand words. And i was immediately struck at how there is no light in his eyes, and also how empty he looks. In fact, studying the picture, and even inverting the colors, i can tell he is one of the darkest non-believers out there! I've been making it a habit to observe people's eyes for a long time, and while my judgment isn't flawless, i've become pretty good at spotting the Christian imbued with the light of the Holy Spirit from "those who are without." Just trust me on that one. Also, assuming he might be taking his Percocet or hydrocodone he mentioned for his chronic pain, the diffraction of light is enhanced in the eyes with opioids, but alas, he's still darkened."

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-Holly-, Administrator,

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