The Hell Walker's Hoax
Exposing the Aline Baxley Story

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

"I Walked In Hell" is the personal testimony of Aline Baxley, a woman who supposedly made a near-death journey to hell after a having a car accident. But this commentary is going to expose why Ms. Baxley's tale is contradictory to God's word.

I first read "I Walked in Hell" while i was browsing thru a bookstore in January of 2002. It was a relatively short in length, paperback book that caught my interest because someone claimed to have "walked in hell". It was sitting on top of a sale table (real popular read, apparently) so i picked it up, and read nearly the whole thing. It was a gruesome tale of a woman who had supposedly been to the depths of hell, seen many demonic creatures and happenings, and even communed with God and got a glimpse of Heaven. When the experince was over, she became a born-again Christian, (again) ready to witness thru her book, which was supposedly her calling from God as a result of her travles. The graphic descriptions were gross, and i left wishing i had never read it-it was nothing but a time waster. But now i am glad i am familiar with the story, so i can share its fallacies.

All thru the ages, there have been many false, or at least semi-false prophets (or so-called prophets) who are supposedly doing the work of the Lord. At first glance, they can be hard to distinguish because they often weave Biblical truths in with their own falsities. Seeing a verse quoted perfectly from the Bible can trick the immature (or mature) Christian into thinking that these are truly workers of the Lord. But a closer look, maybe even some careful study shows that there are many anti-biblical aspects to their work.

While it is not completely apparant whether Ms. Baxely was , or is truly a Chrisitian (only God can judge the heart), it appears that her story is written for nothing more than selfish gain, wide spread attention & popularity, or at best, a misguided attempt to win Christians to the Lord. Elements of it may be true, or it all may be false. But claiming to have knowledge of "the other side" that one does not posess is very misleading to wanna-be Christians and is of no pleasure to God. One thing is for certain~that the BIBLE verses she quoted are 100% accurate. This confuses the reader into thinking she is telling the truth. But many elements of her story are very contradictory to Christian teaching. Let's take a look~

Aline Baxley claims to have been leading a life of heavy alcohol, drug, and cigarette use. This is the first red flag. It is totally possible that her trip to hell was nothing more than a heavy dream, hallucination, or other like visions. If not, than it may have been inspired by hallucinatory activity. Vivid imagination knows no bounds when it comes to the ego. More importantly than how she made it up, is the question of what is not BIBLICALLY true. To tells lies is ignorable, to pervert the Bible is another thing. A serious car accident is what supposedly sent Ms. Baxley into her journey into hell and her enlightment that followed. The story that follows is not only inaccurate, it is just plain silly. While God is able to do all things and near death experinces are not at all impossible, one does NOT need to go to hell to believe in it. This is the whole basis of the Christian faith. Ms. Baxley seems to imply that she could only convince others of hell's exsistence by actually going there. But a true Chrsitian (which she claims to have been at some point) does not need tangible proof-it is simply God's word-"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.-Hebrews 11:1. Faith IS the evidence! Do we really need Ms. Baxley to play the go between?-i thought Jesus Christ was the mediator.~There is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, I Timothy 2:5. After being knocked out, she says she found herself going into hell. She says she was here because of the "The Blood of Jesus Christ I had taken so lightly." Newsflash! You are either saved or your aren't! Just because you took it "lightly" does not mean you aren't saved. Even tho some people may have weak or immature faith, they are still Christians nonetheless. The parable of the mustard seed demonstrated this. "He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." This is an early point in the story, and if Ms. Baxley had been a true Chrsitian, she shouldn't even be here. A definite contradiction.

Next she sees the lake of fire and the lost in chains. Accurate so far. But next she mentions "There were red hot piercing flames". While most of us invision or represent hell as being red-hot, this is inaccurate. As we all know, flames at their hottest are purple or blue. The very hottest are white. If hell was the ultimate in punishment that Baxley described, then why shouldn't the flames be blue? Next, Baxley says that while she was in her coma in the hospital, she waited in a bleak valley of hell for days. That's right, days. If one is to get a peak at the afterlife, it would only be a few seconds, never fully entering into heaven or hell. God does not send someone to hell and THEN save them. NO ONE can be saved when they are lost and have entered hell permanently. Seems Baxley was there for a mighty long stay.

Next she talks about the SIN that got her into hell. It is true that any unsaved person will never be forgiven, ultimately. But no ONE SIN can put a person into hell-only the unbelief in Jesus Christ while on earth. She saw the "mighty finger" of God write the name of her sin in the air (which is funny in itself) her sin was....LUST. "The thing i had called love for my husbands God called LUST!". Oops. Seems Ms. Baxley had overlooked some important verses in her deep Bible study. The Bible cleary states that sexual love between a husband and wife is NOT the same as rampant lust that is perverted and out of control. Biblical sexual lust is the only means to continue the human race, and a wonderful expression of love and represents God's communion with his Church or body of believers. So important, that the Song of Solomon was dedicated soley to it. Ms. Baxley makes herself out to be a pubertal youngster who is afraid her of dirty little feelings. Real mature.

The kicker: Ms. Baxley says:"During the days that i lay in a coma, i waited in that dark valley. It seemed an eternity, but it was just a few days in earth-time." But then she goes on to say in the same paragraph, as her crushed lung was swelling in the hospital:"I thought I was dying at this point." What's this? Isn't she already dead? She's already been in hell's dark valley for a few days!

Well, there you have it. Many overlooked contradictions in this powerfully "true" story. There are several stories along the same lines, and supiciously similar. Even more ridiculous is an account by a Mary Baxter in 1976 called "A Divine Revelation of Hell". In this, the Lord takes this supposed "prophetess" type on a tour of hell for not a few-but 40 days! (Do you really need 40 days for the grand tour?) Interesting how the names and years parrelell isn't it? (Aline's story took place in 1974).

In my research, i have noticed that the "wolf in sheep's clothing" bit displays itself in different ways in the sexes. Men will make a big, public production of their superpowers (think Benny Hinn), and women will convince their followers that they are a modern-day prophetess of God, called specially by him thru extroidinary visions, revelations, and special insights. Makes sense that it would distribute this way, respectively. Aline Baxley is no exception. She seems to want her listeners to believe she is a "chosen" one, even endearing herself to her readers, referring to them as "little ones". This sounds more like a title the Lord Jesus would use, since when did she become the Lord's apprentice? I guess until the next chosen goddess comes along, lol.

Need furthur proof? Here are some more great reads along the same lines. While i did not base this writing on Aline Baxley off these commentaries,( i found them thru searching later), they share a similar sentiment and if you enjoyed this page, i'm sure you will agree with. Take a look~
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