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Obi-Wan: Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!
Anakin: From my point of view the Jedi are evil!!
Obi-Wan: Well then you are lost!!!

Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, 2005

Putting yourself on the front lines of the spiritual battle is not always easy. But it can become easier over time as we become bolder and see the work of Jesus Christ in action-the enlightenment and or salvation of one precious soul at a time! Obi-Wan loved Anakin Skywalker like a brother. How painful it was for him to watch his most promising apprentice turn on him in hate and slip into hell. How painful it is to watch our brothers and sisters of the human race, so full potential, turn from their potential and be damned!

One of the most blatant (and luckily, honest) occultic groups out there is "The Order of The Nine Angles", a militant-like group from the UK who unabashedly promotes the real tenets of Satanism. No, this doesn't give Satanism a bad name. While not every cult wants to murder their children obviously, this is the truth of Satanism in its finality. They fully admit to promoting human sacrifice, the destruction of what it considers "weak" people to create their vision of an earthly utopia, a "survival of the fittest" to create an "ideal" race. The candidates for their sacrificial plot include babies, young children, virgins, nerds or computer geeks, hippies or philosophical types, the socially "unpopular" or "uncool", the lonely and isolated, the physically ill, the mentally retarded, seekers, and of course, Christians. Not only does this rid the earth of "undesirables", but it leaks into the realm of superstition. Since people like the young, the thinking, or the virginal tend to be more undefiled in body or mind, they claim these sacrifices give off some kind of sweet smelling smoke that pleases the gods, aka the demons, and Father Satan.

We can learn so much by studying the The Order of the Nine Angles. The word "occult" comes from the Latin word occultus meaning to "conceal, or cover up." -culere akin to celare, to conceal. And the "occ" coming from the prefix "Ob-" meaning "hell". So the occult literally means "Hell Covered Up." So many times, cults have their loyalty to the dark side hidden. But the stance of this group is plain and clear. They state on their website that their greatest enemies are writers or journalists trying to expose the activity and true evil of cults or the occult.

All i can say is, bring it on!! I am proud to be in those ranks in exposing the real dangers that these groups do! So won't you join me?- and be one of the few, the proud, the courageous, to take your stand against those who sell out!

Learn about The Order of The Nine Angles Here! ~ Click Here

Satan is his name, from hell he came, some call him Lucifer

But he hides his horns, in many different forms,
But still he's Lucifer.
Out of control, out to getchure soul
So beware, my brothers & sisters
Ya better beware!
He'll make you a slave,
Then put you in your grave
Then close the door.

Don't be alarmed, i have been here harmlessly watching
Oh, Monday thru Sunday, faithfully watching you
I am the eye, mesmerized before my gaze
Go about your simple ways, and make love
I'm living in eternity
I see you, but you can't see me
Do not think you're special
You are one of many millions
Before the eye
Go to sleep, my angel
This has only been a warning
And when you awake
You'll find this was a dream
I am the eye, am the eye, am the eye, am the eye

-So Sayeth Shaitan-

And the God of peace shall
bruise Satan under your feet shortly.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
be with you.
Romans 16:20

Statement Against Satan

Doctrines of Devils

Cults come in all shapes and sizes....but did you know that they can come in the shape of a church? As millions of our Christian and now-Christian brothers and sisters have found out, that pretty little church on the corner may not be so pretty inside-it may be a dangerous cult. This website has been designed as a place for you to share your personal testimonies of involvement with a false church...a place for you to heal, inspire, and warn others.

I first took a serious interest in cults when i was taking some college Bible classes and we studied the cults in depth. Since then i have done much research on my own, and can see that so many groups have been beautifully disguised, covered up, and glossed over as "churches" all across America and around the world. I have chosen to focus on so-called churches because they are more subtle and perhaps more dangerous. Most people are familiar with prominent cults such as the Jonestown incident, but many more are unfamiliar with the doctrines and deceptions of "mainline" churches.

Also, i'm sure many will take offence at such churches as the Seventh Day Adventist or Church of Christ being listed as cults. But i make no apologies. A cult doesn't need a remote South American commune or poison Kool Aid to be a cult. It can exist right in your own back yard. If you don't believe me, look on the web and you'll find recovery stories from the 2 churches i just mentioned, as well as many others. These stories are too many and full of hurt to have been "just a few bad apple churches" among a group. NO ONE needs to recover from the love of Jesus Christ. EVER! A true Christian church doesn't warrant years of confusion, sadness, enslavement, and recovery. Jesus said "Come to me ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." Does a church like that sound like a restful haven to you?

Through the sharing of your stories, you will be a wonderful witness from Christ, helping to inform people and protect them from the dangers and deceptions of the evil one. My vision for this site is that it will grow into a large ministry used to God's glory to comfort and support those who have been there, and warn many others of the dangers of false churches. But i can't do it alone! All i can do is make a page, but it's up to you to share your stories! We're looking forward to hearing your insight~from somebody who was there!

First you might like to know:

*Just to clarify, you do NOT have to be a Christian or subscribe to a certain group to sumbit a story. Christians and Non-Christians alike are welcomed! My hope is that we will actually get many stories from non-Christian seekers because they have a wealth of experience to share from these churches. *

* As with all my pages, your privacy will be STRICTLY protected, you may use your real name or just sign your story anonymously. Your email address or other personal info will never be given out *

* Look thru the list, and see which sect applies to you. Title your email with the sect with which you or someone you knew was involved. *

*Note~ Your story does not have to be about a living person. You can submit a story of a deceased person/people for the public's education who died as a result of being in a cult, while in a cult, or whom has passed on but was in one at some point in their life. Also, if you want to share information of a suspect cult/church that you are familiar with, that you have visited, or that a person has relayed to you (with their permission of course!), you may do that also. You can also submit stories for defunct cults, or cults that were once something else (such as another denomination or front group. Very good for educational purposes)

* Make your story as long or as short as you want. *

* This is not a place to bash true Christianity...this is a place to reveal what you believe and know to be a pseudo Christian church and false doctrine. *

* By emailing your story, you agree to have it posted on this site. *

* Your story will be posted under the appropriate category which you specify. *

* Email Link is at the bottom of the page! *

HeY WeBMaSter, aRe U a CuLT?
*click heRe!*

Purpose for My Site~Your Rest Haven!

History of This Site!

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I Stand Against David J. Stewart!

Something Critical to Think Through:

It may surprise, sadden, or anger you to see some of these churches labeled as cultic or questionable. (I know it does me to find out that so many are false. In fact, there's a Church of Christ within view right at the end of my street. While i've never seen any outward signs of trouble, except for the corny, cutesy, sometimes sacrilegious lil sayings on the sign, and while i can't speak for all the members, it's hard to think of it as anything except a nice, peaceful little neighborhood church. I know many of you will share my sentiments on this one.) Please let the stories speak for themselves and see if you don't agree with what is the whole purpose of this site.

Remember, not everyone who is in a questionable church is a non christian. (Just like not everyone in a legit chruch IS a Christian! I'm convinced in this day and age we have to go by the hearts of individual people-not just by name, denomination, or even bad publicity.) Many are deceived, and many are simply ignorant or misled. Those who have been deceived need our love and support, not a cold shoulder. Some have chosen to attend a particular church out of convenience, because their friends or family go there, or it is their personal preference. Others are aware that there are things they disagree with in their church, but decide to attend anyway. But herein lies the fine line: what Christian, being aware of their churches practices, would feel comfortable staying in a group that was erring from the word of God? Again, this is the whole purpose of the site. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a group of non christians got together and formed a church? That's exactly what you see in the questionable churches. At best (and this may not be very often), some churches were not formed with what was perceived to be direct cultic intent. They were simply a group of non christians, who for various reasons (good and bad) got together and formed a church. But what happens in a church where the holy spirit does not dwell in people's hearts? Without true godly direction, don't you think sin and strangeness such as wild ceremonies, animal noises, speaking in tongues, holy laughter, staunch rules, and lack of structure would ensue? Not knowing where to place their priorities, they make use of strict legalism in some areas and lenience in others. They become holy and pious in some areas, and twisted and irreverent in others. This group known as a church reveals the true heart, bears bad fruit, and becomes the devil's playground for weirder and weirder things because God is not in the midst of them. They may preach, teach, and bow their heads, but a church without God is just that-godless, disorganized, and lost. A good thing to remember is that that a church like this is not just revealing distructure of its organization-it is revealing the true lives and hearts of non believers- we are just seeing it in an organized and public setting rather than behind closed doors of their homes. Thru false churches, we get a valuable peek into their lives and how they live. We realize, sadly, that it was never a church at all~~just a gathering place for organized activities and unorganized activity.

Please don't be fooled tho. Most churches of this kind, members and clergy alike, know they have created a false church with false intent. It's just the members who fall prey who are the real victims.

This site is brought to you in the spirit of LOVE, not HATE, UNITY, not DIVISION, because we care about those falling prey to the wrong hands.

Remember, as Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, churches may have a thousand names. But only


No man can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one,
and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one,
and despise the other.
Matthew 6:24

To the only wise God our Saviour,
be glory and majesty,
dominion and power,
both now and ever.
Jude 1:25

"For many shall come in my name, saying,
I am Christ; and the time draweth near:
go ye not therefore after them."

Luke 21:8

This site is NEW! Brand New! Like, newborn man. (as of October 2007) If you don't see stories under your categories of interest listed yet, keep checking back, or put us in the favorites list, we're in the process of building! This would be a great time to get the ball rolling, share your wealth of knowledge, and be one of the first to be a part of this exciting project!


Need a little help with navigation? Can't find the appropriate category you want? Lemme assist you dudes and dudettes! This site is designed to be very easy to navigate, hence making it easy to spread the word of Christ! As you click on each individual header, there are many things to explore on individual pages such as the founding date of the church, related terms, interesting factoids and histories, as well as related external links relevant to each sect. More information is on its way, so please be patient with these trivalities as the sound of cranes and shovels can be heard night or day woking to bring you a great site. Most headers on this page take you to an individual page with all information at a glance. A few pages have sub-categories from which you can choose. Near the bottom of this page, there is a section of mainline denominations to check out. (See what it means kids!), as well as a link to "Signs You Are In A Cult." Even if you were never in a cult, it's a great way to educate yourself on the dangers and deceptions! And who says there isn't time for fun? :) Even the Psalms says [of the wicked] "The Lord shall laugh at him: for he sees his day is coming." Check out the Hall of Shame just for laffs! Have you seen this guy? You probably have! Is it sad, or just laughable? XD

Just as a friendly reminder, i am not accepting submissions for "False Faiths" such as the Church of Satan, Buddhism, Baha'i Faith, the KKK, The Goth Subculture, or the like. This is not to hinder the work of God, but rather to further it and simplify the process on this particular site. The web is filled with thousands of websites exposing the dangers of false faiths. One need not be a cult expert, a Bible scholar, or even a Christian to realize the obvious dangers of the Church of Satan. But a great victory comes in exposing the false churches-ones that bear the name of Christ rather than Satan-hence the theme of the website being a "Sunday Morning Sell Out." There will be hundreds of churches as well as some big name cults of interest to delve into on this site, and i feel that the addition of religions would not only hamper the Lord's work by time constraints, but also clutter up this site as well as the web, leading to more confusion, and become a distraction to our real focus-the false churches that do not get enough attention as it is.

The inclusion of false teachings would pan out into a huge arena with many more things that just blatant Satanism including Paganism, Gnosticism, Pantheism, Humanism, Tribal Religions all around the world, and all manner of New Age-isms that you or i cannot absorb nicely into one site or our brains in one sitting. Even if we were to tackle all those by name, people as individuals can have any and all beliefs of their own, and it would be impossible to even start documenting them, not only becaise of the sheer number of people in the world, but because of people's tendency to lie, change their beliefs, or invent their own. Their religion has no name, we only know they belong to the devil. On the other hand, most churches "as such", like in the US, if they have (or had) a building or name, no matter how obscure, have been documented sometime, somewhere in history, even if their reference is only to be found in places like libraries, personal histories such as family Bibles or diaries, or far corners of the web. Another reason why the study of churches is so facinating, because they can be found by name and location. We have many other Christian brothers and sisters combating those false religions now as we speak. We'll have to save those for a rainy day, kids.

~Enjoy!~ And may God bless your contributions richly!


And Now Onward....To The Ultimate Cult Vault!



aka Primitive 'Christianity'

7th Day Adventist/Adventism

Church of Christ

Restoration Churches

Disciples of Christ/Independent Christian Church

First Christian Churches

International Church of Christ

Branch Davidians (Waco)

Mormonism (Latter Day Saints)

Jehovah's Witnesses

7th Day Churches


Assemblies of God  Church of God  Church of God in Christ

Church of God of Prophesy  Living Church of God

Pentecostal Churches  United Pentecostal  Holiness/Pentecostal Holiness

Oneness Pentecostalism  Charismatic Churches  Calvary Chapel

Apostolic Churches  Deliverance Churches  Abundant Life Churches

New Life Churches  Solid Rock Churches  Word Faith Theology/Churches

Latter Rain Theology/Churches  World Harvest Church  Jesus/Love Churches

Congregational Holiness  Snake Handlers

Church of God Pentecostal  Charismatic Catholicism

Church of Christ, Holiness, USA  Elim Fellowship  Destiny Churches

Major Cults



United Church of Christ

Episcopal (Questionable)

Baptist/Fundamentalist Persuasion

New Jerusalem Churches  "New Testament" Churches  Hyles/Anderson Stories

Foursquare  "Full Gospel" Churches  Kingdom Now Theology/Churches

Open Bible Churches  Open Door Churches  Believers Church/Evening Light Believers

Tabernacle Churches  Temple Churches  Agape Churches

Lighthouse Churches  Interdenominational  Non Denominational

Anti-Mission Baptist (Various)




Inner Light



Signs and Wonders

The Toronto Blessing

Fringe/Well Known Cults

Children of God/The Love Family/The Family International

Association for Research and Enlightenment


Church Universal and Triumphant

International House of Prayer

The Way International

Garbage Eaters

Churches of Yahweh

Unification Church (Moonies)


Young Life

Orders and Hierarchies

Masons  Shriners  Elks Lodges  Rosicrucianism

Order of the Eastern Star  Holy Order of MANS

Society for Creative Anachronism

Order of the Solar Temple  Temple of Set

Esoteric "Mystery" 'Christianity'

Satanic Sciences

Religious Science (Science of Mind)  New Thought/Divine Science

Christian Science  Scientology

Temple of the People (not the People's Temple)


Fringe Mormonism

Church of the Firstborn

Fundamental Mormonism (w/ Polygamy)

Defunct But Not Forgotten

Peoples Temple/Jim Jones

Heaven's Gate


Fred Phelps ("God Hates Fags")

Jesus Army  The Farm

    Indiana Costume Cult

Other Cults  

 New Section! Tell the world your story of involvement (not that kind) with a false preacher or teacher!

(linx coming soon)

Billy Graham  Benny Hinn  Creflo A. Dollar  Jack Hyles  Jack Van Impe

Jesse Duplantis  Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker  Jimmy Swaggert  Joel Osteen

John Hagee  Joyce Meyer  Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Hagin  Marilyn Hickey  Oral Roberts  Pat Robertson

Paul & Jan Crouch  Rick Warren  Rod Parsley  T.D. Jakes

Walt Mills  William Branham

Mary K. Baxter  Aline Baxley

So, who are these pharisees of heresey anyway? Here they are in a nutshell:

Billy Graham is is one of the most prominent religious speakers of all time, associated with the southern Baptist convention, having preacher to over 2 grand. Benny Hinn is a prominet charismatic "faith healer", with the show "This is Your Day". Jack Hyles (was) the notorious leader of Hyles/Anderson College in Indiana, and the subject of internet "evangelist" David J. Stewart's eternal adoration (and man crush) of His Worship. Jack Van Impe is a teleenvagelist who has christened himself the "Walking Bible" for his memorization of the spriptures. Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker (are/were) a husband/wife team with many scandals. Jimmy Swaggert is the famous preacher known for a sex scandal and his apparent remorse afterwards (Father, I've Sinned!), and cousin to rockabilly-er Jerry Lee Lewis & country singer Mickey Gilley. Joel Osteen & Rick Warren are well-known authors and seminar speakers. John Hagee is a charismatic preacher. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are proponets of the "Word Faith" movement, as well as Joyce Meyer, Mariyln Hickey, Oral Roberts, Jesse Duplantis, & Creflo. A. Dollar as (was) Kenneth Hagin. Pat Robertson is the host of The 700 Club. Jan Crouch is the woman with the big purple hair on TBN, and along with her husband Paul, own Trinity Brodcasting Network. Rod Parsley is a loud, precher who yells from the pulpit, and preacher of mega church, World Harvest, from Columbus, Ohio. T.D. Jakes is also preacher of a megachurch, in Dallas. Walt Mills is a pentecostal gospel singer, also from Texas, with a small music ministry. William Branham (was) the leader of Belivers Church, and instrumental in early Pentecostalism. Mary K. Baxter and Aline Baxley are authors, whom, in their wiritngs, describe their supposedly sensational visits to hell and (repeated) returns from the dead.



The One-Man Cult of David J. Stewart (if it is in fact one person), pages in terabytes, promoter of the notorious Hyles Anderson College, and every conspiracy minded interest under the sun. Load up your guns, and bring your friends kids-the end draweth nigh.

Cult of Shame

A watered down version of the insanity, with a few contradictions from the main site, and now going under the name of Tracy:


And yet another one of Stewart's brain-children:

God Loves People found the hidden text.

Landover Baptist Church

Have you seen this site? You probably have, but don't be fooled-it caught me off guard the first time i read it too! Rest assured, kids, there is no Landover Baptist Church, it's only a joke poking fun at holier-than-thou attitudes. But ironically (and sadly) there is so much truth to the jabs. Why does it resemble the shock value and cheap sensationalism of Stewart's supposed 'Christian' site above? *Sigh*. Truth really is stranger than fiction.....and Stewart's site is actually worse!

Click Here found the hidden text.

Signs You Are In A Cult


Hey...what's this?

Did you know that a false church can sometimes come under the guise of a mainline denomination? How scary is that! If you were in a traditional Christian church that was a poser, or preached "another gospel", tell us!

Baptist  Brethren  Community Church  Congregational  Episcopal/Anglican

Evangelical  Independent/Fundamental  Lutheran  Methodist  Moravian

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Most Popular Cults of Interest:

7th Day Advenstist
7th Day Churches
Anti-Mission Baptist
Church of Christ
Church of God
Church of God, Pentecostal
Congregational Holiness
Disciples of Christ
Mormon Polygamists
Garbarge Eaters
God Hates Fags
Jehovah's Wintessess
Jesus Army
Lighthouse Churches
New Jerusalem

New Life Churches
Non Denom
Open Bible
Jim Jones
Religious Science
Snake Handlers
Solar Temple
Solid Rock Churches
Temple of the People
The Farm
The Way

Special Section!

"God Always Takes The Best" ~ Or Does He?

Reading about all these cults and cultic leaders can be pretty discouraging. It seems as if their power, influence, and evil reign will never end. But take heart! Whenever you feel overwhelmed by all the evil perpetuated by these evil doers, just remember the words of Psalm 37. It says: Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.... Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found. (Psalm 37:1-2 & 36)

While many Christians can and do die at an early age, and many evildoers seem to linger on past their welcome, more often than not, it is the most evil among us who are taken first, whether everyday people or thoss in the public eye. Below is a list of famous (imfamous?) cult leaders, revolutionaries, and progressives who died at an early age. Some didn't make it past 40, while Christian hymn writer Fanny Crosby lived to be 95! As you read over this list and think about people in your own life, ask yourself again, does God really take the best?

The names are listed oldest-youngest age of death. I will continue to update this section as i can with more and more names.

Anton Levey { Founder of The Church of Satan } - 67

George Fox { Founder of the Quakers } - 67

William Miller { Leader of the Millerites } - 67

Marshall Applewhite { Leader of Heaven's Gate, deadly spaceship cult } - 66

Karl Marx { Founder of Marxism } - 65

Tammy Faye Bakker { Teleevangelist and Make Up Queen } - 65

Charles Taze Russell { Founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses } - 64

Mahalia Jackson { Gospel Singer and Progressive } - 61

Bonnie Nettles {Co Leader of Heaven's Gate} - 57

William Branham { Founder of Branhamism and influentual in early Pentecostalism } - 56

Clara H. Fiske Scott { Non Christian Hymn Writer} - 56

John Calvin { Founder of Calvanism } - 55

Amy Semple McPherson ( Founder of the Foursquare Church } - 54

Rosa Luxemburg { Progressive, Marxist, Feminist } - 48

Jim Jones { Founder and Leader of Peoples Temple } - 47

Frida Kahlo { Progressive Surrealistic Mexican Painter, Radical Communist, Feminist, with Munchausen Syndrome (Medical Abuse Syndrome) } - 47

John Lennon { Member of The Beatles and Social Progressive } - 40

Dr. King { Civil Rights Leader } - 39

Joseph Smith { Founder of Mormonism } - 39

David Koresh { Founder of the Waco cult, The Branch Davidians } - 34